Con motivo de la celebración del "Día Internacional del Agua", hemos realizado en clase un proyecto integrado semanal mediante experimentos en las distintas áreas de 1º de Primaria. Ha sido muy emocionante para nuestro pequeño alumnado ver las distintas reacciones del agua ante distintas situaciones en cada experimento. El entusiasmo y la participación ha sido muy alto gracias a la motivación que ha generado el proyecto.


  • Measuring water.
  • Researching project.
  • Guessing quantities with different containers.
  • Can you fill the empty bottle.
  • How does a straw work?
  • Reading glass.
  • Air pressure.
  • Does air tak up space?
  • Discovering colours.
  • Review time about colours.

Music "Water" by Rhombus (CC shared alike)

3 comentarios:

  1. Nice experiments! I love the video!

  2. We really enjoyed finding out about the importance of water. It was great to share planning ideas with you. Our class now understand that there are issues all around the world, and some effect us all.
    As we are a UNICEF rights respecting school we find these issues extremely important.
    We look forward to working with you again!
    Tomba Class
    Heathlands Primary

    1. Nice job! It was really nice to cooperate together with this topic with your school. Thanks for all your organization and to work on "THE INTERNATIONAL WATER DAY", a common and global interest.


Thanks you!