Science is fun!: The human body. #CLIL #AICLE

When teaching, we need to create a good environment in the class and methodology is crucial for the development of our children's life competences. This time, we were working on the topic about 'the human of 'the human body' with 3rd graders.
The idea was to develop the topic through English and with active learning. How did we do it? After doing some tuning in activities, they worked in teams of three, so they could prepare what they wanted to teach in the class to their own classmates. And here are the results!
They really did a good job! In this video, they explain the outside of the body, but they also explained the inside of the body.

As a final task of the unit, why not? A flipbook offered the best resource to summaries all the things they had learnt. In this case, they did it in pairs and they played some oral games with questions and answers, so they communicated, they cooperated and they built a new step in their learning. But the main thing is that the had fun in the class!

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