Science is fun! Water experiments! 3rd graders

Children are natural scientists. They love to explore the world around them. Water is clean and cheap. 3r graders love water play and active learning.
Discover some wonderful top 10 experiments about water and how children have fun!
  1. Compare the sizes of containers by filling glasses of water.
  2. Create a melody with coloured water.
  3. Predict which objects sink or float.
  4. Avoid water pollution. 
  5. Watch as air pressure forces water into a glass.
  6. Mix oil and water and watch the density of liquids.
  7. Create a tornado! Spin the bottle and see a minitornado forming in the water.
  8. Surprise! Gravity water!
  9. Create a volcano just with water, vinegar and baking soda.
  10. Watch the effect of air pressure on water just with a straw and your fingers.
These experiments will stick in the children's brain far longer than anything they get from a textbook for sure.

I hope these water experiments are helpful to you in your science lessons!
Special thanks to Mrs. Vargas for contributing with photography of the experiments in the class and for her wonderful entry about this experience in Spanish. Do you want to have a look?

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