Funny art projects!: from children bookmarks to origami

Every child loves drawing, origami and painting. As teachers we can offer them some methods of expressing themselves. This way we encourage them to experiment with different techniques. This is what we have been doing in our 3rd and 4th grade during this term.
Spend time with your students and have fun with this basic origami in your art classes! Here you are some of my students' designs. 
  • 1st Technique: Children bookmarks

They are useful, adorable and they can make your students happier in your lessons.

  • 2nd technique: Flexagons
It is a fascinating geometric toy! Flexagons are folder paper polygons that can be flexed. They change form flexagon to flexagon very quick. It is a good way to teach your students the third dimension and to find hidden surfaces at the same time they learn geometry.

How to make this great paper toy, the Flexagon? Check this video!

  • 3rd Technique: Funny toothy pictures!

Surprise and laughs! Our students created crazy creatures just with a piece of paper. Very easy and fun for your class. Isn't is wonderful? 

  • 4th Technique: Ancient jars

After our history lessons about Greece and Rome, it was a good idea to work some art techniques about it. So Ancient Greece and Rome overloaded our class! Each child received a piece of paper with the shape of the jar and they decorated it. They really got into it and did all kinds of decorations, as geometric patterns.

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